This series tells the story of a naive (if well educated), queer, blonde, with pretty blue eyes in a dangerous environment where most of the other people there are of a different ethnic background. 

They try to fit in but things go from bad to worse and they are forced to face their inner demons. 

On the bright side there’s a tall, dark, and handsome love interest who they hate at first but then the two develop a relationship. 

This is “Aurens is the New Black”

A cool PSA 

Thank you bydbach and @annabellioncourt for all the suggestions for UK… It have been helpful for me…

So this blog will be in a mini hiatus from 24 Jul-10 Aug 

I will try to hunt for the elusive Ned places when I am here..so stay chilling..

You can contact me by my personal blog animeandfilmotaku..I will be happy to pop by a message

So see ya guys

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they have a pub called “the golden fleece” with excellent food and good patrons. you can also stay over night there. btw. t.e.’s house is the first one on the right as you enter tremadoc coming from porthmadoc. you can’t miss it.

Sounds awesome! It looks good…I will see if my dad can pass through here :)

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ned was born in tremadoc. you could run by this…

Sounds awesome bydbach,my dad is probably taking the car up…I will check the stuff nearby any good places here ?

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Calling all my UK followers 


Well I will be off for holiday from the 24th July-8th Aug 

I have places in mind to go

  • Cardiff,Wales (I decided to do Doctor Who Experience)
  • Lake District
  • Liverpool (doing Beatles Story,Walker Gallery and Lady Lever Gallery)
  • Edinburgh-Scotland
  • London

I would love suggestions for cheap yet good food (preferably under 50 pounds) and places to do Thanks :D

Guys if there are any Ned places that are nearby it would be awesome

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» A message from annabellioncourt:

I'm making it a priority to learn to drive a motorcycle; and the first big purchase I make after my transfer to the UK will be one of those glorious reproductions and I'm going to drive it up and down the roads of his home town until the locals complain.

That sounds like a rad plan :)

Pictures please,maybe one day i will go there!

La Brough Superior SS100 ressuscite la Rolls des motos 


YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GET YOUR OWN. if you have that kind of money which I don’t NEW LIFE GOAL HERE PEOPLE.

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But something had happened to Lawrence in the interim. In November 1917, while conducting a secret reconnaissance mission into the strategic railway town of Deraa, he was briefly captured by the Turks, then subjected to torture—and, by most all evidence, rape—at the hands of the local Turkish governor. Managing to escape back to rebel lines, a far more hardened, even merciless, Lawrence began to emerge…

…On September 27, after coming upon the village of Tafas, where the fleeing Turks had massacred many residents, Lawrence ordered his men to give “no quarter.” Throughout that day, the rebels picked apart a retreating column of 4,000, slaughtering all they found, but as Lawrence doubled back that afternoon, he discovered one unit had missed the command and taken 250 Turks and Germans captive…Lawrence was even more explicit about his actions that day in Seven Pillars. “In a madness born of the horror of Tafas we killed and killed, even blowing in the heads of the fallen and of the animals, as though their death and running blood could slake our agony.”

Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/true-story-lawrence-arabia-180951857/#7PP5ehdWV2q4mIFh.99

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Jackson Bentley (Arthur Kennedy), Lawrence of Arabia
Costume design by Phyllis Dalton


Jackson Bentley (Arthur Kennedy), Lawrence of Arabia

Costume design by Phyllis Dalton


T.E. Lawrence in 1917.


T.E. Lawrence in 1917.

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