66th Primetime Emmys: In Memoriam 

There is a small part where Peter O’toole was here 

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Just got this 1970’s reissue Vinyl LP of Lawrence of Arabia UK import in the mail today! OMG it is in perfect condition & plays beautifully!! Today is a good day! Thank you Maurice Jarre for this amazing score!



This is what I draw to cheer myself up. 


This is what I draw to cheer myself up. 

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» A message from classicmoviescenes:

Hey, I'm Julie, I find the chat very interesting! It's a cool initiative :) But I've only seen one Peter O'Toole movie and two David Lean films! + I'm not a native English speaker... So that's probably a problem? :/ Well, your blog is awesome btw! :D

Well that is cool….That is ok I have seen many films so we can do that..anytime u prefer so I can coordinate the chat (I live in Singapore and it was unsuccessful as no one did it yet)

Well thanks for the nice comment

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mycrazyheadspace replied to your post: Guys I am afraid I am gonna call off t…

Ah! I’m so sorry! m(_ _)m Sincerely sorry. >_< I was helping my parents. Also I don’t think I have google +. do you have to have Google Plus or hangout?

yes I do! You can actually join in…I will see how it works..I may organise it another time


Col. Brighton will judge you.


Col. Brighton will judge you.

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As for harnessing to my go-cart the eternal force — well, no:
I pushed my go-cart into the eternal stream, and so it went
faster than the ones that are pushed cross-stream or
up-stream. I did not believe finally in the Arab movement:
but thought it necessary, in its time and place.
It has justified itself hugely, since the war, too…
I am still puzzled as to how far the individual counts:
a lot, I fancy, if he pushes the right way.

TEL to Frederic Manning, 15 May 1930

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Guys I am afraid I am gonna call off the chat tonight as there is no response 

Anyway I am gonna ask you guys what would be the best time for you guys to do the chat…I may consider an afternoon (Singapore time)…What time do you prefer?

Oh yeah Lawrence of Arabia chat is on!!! 

Hey everyone,I would be on,please do tell me yr tumblr name and country to get the ball rolling….Thanks!





And do spread it to your fellow ned fans about that!